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Interface & Web Design

We Design With An Intent of Interaction & Sustainability!

We are li’l obsessed with making things that look great Aesthetically, Technically & Usability. We strongly believe that these three things make up for the overall success or failure of a web design. Craigslist, the original Twitter design, Google are sites whose usability eclipses the deficient aesthetic sense. Similarly, there are some really cool apps in the market with mind blowing designs but are fail technologically. We at DevRover understand that users are not blind, 72-pixel links in Helvetica Bold is no currency to draw attention. We try to emanate UI that is based on thorough UX research, as we know that the look and feel of your site is responsible for giving or not giving that first initial push to the potential clients. Aesthetics play a major part in that decision. Hence, the visual aspect of the site has to be balanced and pleasing.

Avoid Overloading Interface with Features

Cluttering website with clip art, photographs, hit counters,

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awards, animated icons, graphical links to browser manufacturers, etc. would no way attract your customers rather these in collaboration are repelling material. Junk drawer is the last thing anyone would get fascinated with. Design has to be simple – in terms of both look and navigation – so that it can work on web & mobile devices. Sites based on flash too consumes huge amount of browser’s bandwidth. Flash is quite resource-intensive and restrictive in that sense.

Design always sends Signals

Every unit of icon is a dialogue between site and a user, therefore, tenor of color & icon directly hints who it is aimed at. The interplay between aesthetics, interface and functionality translates the usefulness of concrete design idea. Task orientation is the crux of any web application design after all, users want software to get things done and not to browse around and waste time. While operating an online business, creatively devised website design makes all the difference. We at DevRover have vast experience in creating such awesome custom designs for our clients, after all, that

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is what you really looking for, so stop thinking; knock-knock, it’s time to use our services!